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Rat infestation the result of improper town planning

Published:Sunday | April 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Why are we surprised at the recent report that rodents have overrun a significant number of our communities in Kingston and St Andrew? As a society, we have not paid sufficient attention to those factors which foster and promote the infestation of rodents. Two of these factors are garbage disposal and social urban decay.

In all well-organised societies, there is a set schedule for garbage to be collected. This is routinely done on a given day, which allows the citizen to plan for his/her garbage to be disposed of.

However, there is no such set pattern in our society. As a result, there are many instances where garbage goes uncollected for weeks at a time in many communities. This action, or non-action, greatly contributes to rat infestation, as well as other public-health ills. We are now reaping what we have sown.

Widespread carelessness

Second, one only has to drive or walk through many communities, especially in Kingston, to see the ever-increasing sidewalk garages, pieces of old furniture, and other businesses which all allow for the infestation of rodents. Many of these are auto parts establishments which store material in open spaces without the necessary checks and balances to ensure that these areas do not become breeding grounds for rodents.

There is a clear connection between proper town planning and development and the infestation of rodents now sweeping across many communities.

Kingston, to a great extent, has become a rat haven.

I hope that in this our 50th year of political Independence, we will be able to put corrective measures in place to address the issue.


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