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Fathers must lead change

Published:Monday | April 23, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Rohan Steele makes his way home after picking up his four-year-old daughter from school in Papine, St Andrew. - File
Steve Lyston

Steve Lyston, Contributor

With all the problems the nation is undergoing right now, including the disorder that is evident, it is an indication that there is a national crisis brewing.

The nation needs fathers.

The father functions as the priest for the family, and the reason there are so many problems is there is an absence of godly priests in the home instructing the children. So, if there is going to be any drastic changes in the nation there has to be the restoration of Godly fathers.

While mothers are extremely important and hold a treasured place in our hearts and homes, a mother cannot do a father's role in its entirety.

God's original order was for fathers to lead and walk in godly authority. Furthermore, we cannot use gender issues to change that fact.

The reason women have had to play the dual role of mother and father in the home is that some of the men have forfeited their priesthood; and we are now seeing its effect play out in our nation through the high levels of crime, violence, political tribalism, lack of order, indiscipline and other social issues.

The foundation on which a father stands determines the success of his family and, in particular, of his children. A father is a teacher, advisor and counsellor. They are responsible for instilling the discipline their children. They tell them the truth and motivate them. They encourage them and teach them about the power of forgiveness. (Ephesians 4:32) They transfer the inheritance blessing in the lives of their children. A simple laying of hands on their children daily while speaking blessings over them can change their circumstances and bring them into the path of success.

The father must pray in the hearing of their children, and teach them to pray. (I Samuel 12: 23; Ephesians 6: 4)

Check our leaders

If you want to know why we are in a political crisis, check how many of our national leaders across the sectors had good relationships with their fathers; were accepted by their fathers; and had their fathers' influence throughout their lives.

While this issue is deeply personal and can be a 'touchy' issue for many, we must recognise that unless that cycle is broken, then there are serious problems ahead. We need fathers to break the cycle from their children. Cycles such as:

Rejection - many fathers rejected their children even before they were born.

Hereditary illnesses - fathers have a godly authority to speak healing over their children.

Rape and abuse - too many children are being abused, raped and killed. Fathers must stand up against that issue.

Lack of forgiveness - it is the father who must show love, affection and approval to their children.

The collapse and failure of marriages and families are as a result of the marriages taking place without the blessing of the fathers. If we study the Bible carefully, marriage should not take place without the blessing of the father. The father is the covering, and as we all know, where there is no roof, we become exposed to the elements - false doctrines, deceptions and sexual predators.

We may need to do some research on those who are imprisoned and find out how many of them had a father present when they were growing up. We might be surprised at the results. This is not to say that those with both parents present are incapable of doing wrong, but there is significance to having a father present in the lives of their children. Even if we should speak to the most hard-hearted murderer, once you touch the issue of their fathers, they break down.

The lack of effectiveness of some of the church leaders is as a result of the lack of fathers in the church to mentor and motivate sons and daughters to fulfil their purpose. A person can be a pastor, but not a father!

A real father can turn a failing individual - sports personality, student, husband - into a success, just by being a father to them.

If we are going to look at dealing with crime seriously, then we will have to get judges, lawyers, police and godly leaders (not necessarily pastors) who are good fathers, to bring change.

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.