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No confidence in the ECJ

Published:Monday | April 23, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The Senate passed the Electoral Commission (Interim) Act 2006 on October 20, 2006 to create what is now known as the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ). Its primary responsibility is to protect the electoral process from the immediate direction, influence and control of the party in government, which may influence its functioning to the detriment of persons with opposing views who may wish to participate in the process.

In layman's terms, it's the official watchdog of our electoral process and its members are highly educated, independent and respected men of high integrity who we expect to act on our behalf.

Since the local government elections in March, specifically as it relates to the municipality of Portmore, I am beginning to have doubts about how the ECJ conducts business, as following the polls, my electoral address has been changed from one located within the Portmore municipality to one in St Catherine.

Before the election, we were not advised that we would not be able to cast a vote for the mayor of Portmore, even though we were issued ballots to that effect and that our divisional parish councillor would sit not in the Portmore Municipal Council but in the St Catherine Parish Council.

Ominous silence

To rub insult to electoral dislocation, there is not even a word from the ECJ about this foul-up, which has left many Portmore residents with a bitter taste in our mouths and questions such as where the vote cast directly for the mayor of Portmore went, since our division is not within Portmore.

It's no comfort for the Government to say the matter will be addressed and 'tidied' up as soon as possible. I am very disappointed with the ECJ.


Portmore Pines, St Catherine