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Praises to SSP Lewis

Published:Tuesday | April 24, 2012 | 12:00 AM
SSP Lewis


SSP Radcliffe Lewis and his team should be commended for destroying the illegal housing settlement in New Kingston. It is precisely because of these illegal settlements why New Kingston has an 'underbelly'. This element only taints that section of the city.

In New Kingston, one can't even go to a paid parking lot without someone approaching you to wash your vehicle. If someone can't even feel safe in a paid parking lot where there is an attendant, people won't view New Kingston as a safe and comfortable place for work or recreation.

The cops should also be commended for removing a vendor for an encroachment. Too many vendors have been allowed to take over the sidewalks in Kingston. It seems vendors think they have a right to set up shop wherever a plaza, supermarket or any new building is located. This behaviour is apparent outside TGI Friday's, Devon House and Azmart, among others. Kingston is being turned into an eyesore.

Regarding Patricia House's Howard Gough's appeal to help illegal settlers, there are far too many people in this society who feel they qualify to be taken care of by the Government. What is needed is a shift in mindset.

Full praise to SSP Lewis and his team!