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Leave the Church, refocus your attention

Published:Wednesday | April 25, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I WRITE in response to the Letter of the Day by Joan French on April 24. She highlights the issue she had with a "full-fledged church service" under way when she went to conduct business at the Constant Spring tax office. She further asserts that the church should be restricted to the confines of grounds specifically designated for that purpose.

I can understand Ms French's annoyance, especially if she had to wait for some protracted period of time, but what exactly is her issue with the Church? Does Ms French really want the church to remain in confines? This goes against everything a church is supposed to do. In today's society, we are woefully lacking in morals, ethics and godliness. Crime is rampant in every facet of society. Can the Church really sit in a building and hope for better to come and not do anything? Is our society so degenerate that now we call for sanctions on the church? What is the worse that could happen - someone could turn their life over to Jesus? Where are our actions and voices on other aspects of society that require greater attention?

I have been to the Constant Spring tax office on numerous occasions and sometimes it is difficult to get through the doors because of the volume of persons conducting assorted hustling. Did she not see these people? Ms French's jeremiad appears more to take issue with the Church than with the occupancy of the place or the noise. What will be the next cry? The Church should not allow its praise to escape the boundaries of the building it's confined to?

Robert Howell

Kingston 6