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Published:Wednesday | April 25, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Feedback on Yendi Phillipps' pregnancy post on Facebook

Everybody lives the life they love, do your thing, girl! Jamaicans need to leave people business alone and mind their own. The time we put in people's business we should look at our life first.

- Tashaya Haye

I hope the running man does not make this affect his performance.

- Rohan 'ManchesterUnited' Harrison

She's pregnant, and where's the news? I don't know since when people's personal affairs become news. Look how much more woman getting pregnant in Jamaica.

- Wayne Lowers

Congrats to them both. Only hope it works out, but she did not look pregnant in the carnival costume.

- Dian Dixon

Congrats, Yendi, children are a blessing!

- Natasha Powell

I don't think that should be anyone's problem. This lady has made a name for herself, so nothing is wrong if she wants to start her family. I wish her all the best, and congrats to this beautiful Jamaican woman!

- Steve Nembhard

Yes, she did well, but hurry up and marry, it's a pity they are not married. All of us cannot continue to get pregnant out of wedlock; we must set an example for the younger ones. We are depending on our young leaders.

- Icyleta Lynch

Why can't people get married before having kids? No morals any more ... and certainly not a role model for young girls in Jamaica or anywhere.

- Karen McConnell

Get married, yes; but if you're not ready, morals or not, it doesn't make sense. Sometimes things happen for a reason, don't question it!

- Candice Farquharson

Congrats, Yendi. You go, girl, you are a hard worker and have done Jamaica proud. All the best, keep smiling.

- Rosemarie Campbell

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