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Published:Thursday | April 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Eggs are phenomenal foods which play critical roles within our bodies due to the vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins contained within them. As modern science continues to unlock the vast potential of eggs to improve and maintain our health, studies have also uncovered how they can be utilised in other facets of lives.

"Recent research has given us the opportunity to better understand the composition of eggs and recognise their numerous benefits," said Dr Eilir Jones, nutritional consultant to CB Foods Limited.

Eggs don't have to be restricted to the confines of the kitchen, as they may be used throughout your household in the following ways:

1.Natural drain cleaner

You can wash crushed eggshells down your drains in order to clean your pipes. The eggshells trap other solids and move them away as they work their way through.

2.Natural fertiliser

Instead of disposing of your eggshells, you can use them to fertilise your garden. The shells contain calcium, phosphorus, sulphur and potassium, which are great for strengthening plants.

3.Natural pest repellent

Another great use for eggshells in your garden is that they act as a Repellent against slugs and snails, thereby protecting your plants from unwanted pests.

4.Nutrient-rich water for plants

You don't have to throw away the water you use for boiling your eggs. Once cooled, the nutrient-rich water may be used for watering your plants, which can help them to grow.

5.Seedlings pot

If you want to give your seedlings an extra boost of nutrients, then plant them in eggshells. Take eggshell halves, put them in a carton, fill the shells with soil and then put the seedlings inside. Once the seedlings get to 3 inches tall, then you can replant them in your garden.

6.Glue substitute

Remove the yolk from your eggs and you may use the egg whites as a substitute for glue.


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