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Published:Thursday | April 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM

She's a performer?

1. Some are saying the press conference called by the Opposition leader to question the performance of the Government's first 100 days in office has left some questioning his own capacity to function in that role! And the fact that some in his own party constantly refer to him as 'The Juvenile', has many wondering if he can command the respect of his party officer corps and/or donors. Some go further to say he seems bent on 'majoring in the minor', as his opposition to the prime ministerial entourage now in the US is without foundation.

Massive transfers

2. Story is millions of dollars missing from the operations of the company which saw the owners calling in polygraph examiners. Problem is, all the senior executives fail the lie detector tests, and saw some of them being relieved of their duties. Well, it did not end there, as the unions stepped in and posited that tests results are not admissible in a court of law here, and so not valid. Needless to say, the funds are still unaccounted for, but this was not a concern of the union in question. Well, massive transfers followed, instead of dismissals, but those transferred are up in arms, as some view them as demotions.

Back to earth!

3. Story making the rounds is that a former official returned home, got up, showered, got dressed and walked out to his car, and promptly took a seat in the back and called for his driver. The wife, realising what was happening, came out of the house and gently tapped him on the shoulder and reminded him he was back home and so he would have to drive himself to work!

Get real now!

4. The politically connected one who left her overseas post to return home and campaign for the losing party is now protesting her recall. Many from her own party react to news of her protestations by saying "Get real!"

Old profession

5. Some say it's the oldest profession in post-colonial Jamaica, even though the job description of 'Baby Mother' does not appear on any official document, it is an equal opportunity employer, providing gainful employment to up-towners and downers and rural womenfolk of all stripes, stages and ages, so the fact that yet another promising young lady chose to take up this role should come as no surprise.

Busy 'officials'

6. People are asking what has happened to a number of 'officials' who have not been seen in public since the last elections. Stories doing the rounds: some have quietly taken up green card status elsewhere; others are busy negotiating a do-not-go-directly-to-jail pass.

Drinking problem

7. Friends of the 'drunk-already' one are intervening and trying to get him to accept treatment. They say they never knew that there was a drinking problem, and with stories now pouring out of his abuse of vodka, which often saw him in a drunken stupor before midday, might now explain a lot of the decisions which brought about his downfall.

Many will leave

8. Some party insiders say stories leaking of disaffection are premature, as talk of the general secretary going cannot be viewed in a vacuum but should be seen in the wider context of the overhaul of the party that would definitely include looking at the entire officer corps, including the post of chairman, candidates and the post of party leader!