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Published:Friday | April 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Should politicians who are members of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica be paid by the public purse?

No, they should not be. Why Jamaican politicians are always grabbing the bucks when they are in power? Do they care about us?

- Rosemarie Campbell

Well, we can dispute it as much as we want, but who will pay them?

- Floyd Domenico Mortley

A flat, straight no. How much work is being done in this area? In the long term, how much does the public benefit? At last, Warmington is right.

- Wayne Lewis

No. If they are to be paid, let their respective parties pay them, as Warmington suggested. They are already being paid as MPs from the public purse.

- Delma Vidal

Yes, but not so much.

- Winston Herman

No, or if they do, it should be less than they are getting, as election matters only need real work in the election period.

- Dwight Preces Ross

No! How many other ordinary persons in Jamaica get two salaries? How hard is the work at ECJ for them to get $4 million?

- Jermaine Barca Young

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Do you think students in arrears with the Students' Loan Bureau should be barred from migrating?

I don't think barring them from migrating is going to help. I think they should set up a system to monitor borrowers abroad.

- Patrico Tyrell

They should be able to work abroad but not give up their Jamaican citizenship.

- stacyannhayles

Sort of an effective way of getting repayment; that might work. Though rare, the SLB has mistakenly identified delinquents.

- stannyha

Students should not be barred from migrating because job options are few here. A system should be in place to keep check.

- SirKen3

The fact is, some persons fail to attain jobs here, so if they can get one abroad, it's their life. That's no excuse.

- Kim_Nain

No, they should not, because in a society where distance is not a problem, money can be paid from anywhere.

- pilarlobban

Barred, no. These are tough (economic) times. Perhaps a repayment plan to help them reduce their amounts before the situation gets worse?

- ModesOfSuccess

Well, if they do migrate, they are open to more opportunities, which would allow them to pay back what's owed.

- allioStarr