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LETTER OF THE DAY - PM's un-Timely betrayal

Published:Friday | April 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM


TIME MAGAZINE's award to Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller was couched in language which showed gross disrespect to the people of Jamaica. We were referred to as a country with a "violent history of homophobia".

In accepting the award, Prime Minister Simpson Miller has done the unthinkable, in that she has sided with those who disparage and malign the majority of the very people who voted her into office.

Moreover, she has now made it clear that she intends to place this country on a path which would result in us being forced to regard the homosexual lifestyle as normal.

We need to ask: Is this a good thing for us to do? The country needs to be informed concerning events in other countries. For example, relatively new professional guidelines issued by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy make it an offence to either offer to help a client overcome homosexual attraction or to even accede to a request to do so from a client.

These rules mean that psychotherapists in England who dare to assert that "homosexuality is not, or does not have to be, a fixed condition face severe censure, even the loss of their profession credentials".

It seems, then, that persons who struggle with same-sex attraction and who request assistance from a therapist to assist with overcoming these struggles will have few options for help in England - a sad state of affairs indeed.

I suspect that this is the viewpoint in Europe generally, as some months ago a European acquaintance related how far he had to travel across Europe to receive help in this area.

Instead of placing Jamaica along this very path, the prime minister could have chosen to dedicate her efforts to eradicate the scourge of crime and to keep our country open as a place of choice for the raising of healthy families; the place where truth will flourish; and the place where scientific research will be welcome.

In so doing, Jamaica would then be truly playing its part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race.


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