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'Babylon police' a horrid reality

Published:Friday | April 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Re: Devon Dick's 'Babylon police', published April 26, 2012.

My husband, a Rastafarian, and I, an American, were recently stopped for a spot check in Jamaica.

After searching everything in the vehicle, including the identification number on the engine, one officer asked my husband quite rudely, "Rasta, how long you grow dem locks?"

I just wondered if that was something they were trained to do: antagonise a driver into a problem.

The list goes on from there. I have had several spot checks, and I am shocked at how Jamaican citizens are treated.

I recently retired from the police department in the States, and spot checks are certainly not allowed without probable cause. What are the rules here?

We were also stopped by a policeman in Hanover who wanted to search my person. I told him he would need to get a warrant. He was shocked and went over to his superior, who said, "Make she gwaan ... ."

I was raised to question authority. Perhaps Jamaicans should declare their rights and see that they are treated fairly.