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NCB Keycard celebrates 31 years

Published:Friday | April 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM
From left: Urith O'Connor, customer of National Commercial Bank's (NCB) Keycard credit card service; Earl Leakey, assistant manager of NCB's Baywest, Montego Bay branch; Claudette Rodriguez, assistant general manager of NCB's card service division; Hugh Rowe, NCB Keycard customer; and Sheree Martin, NCB marketing general manager, chat together during an appreciation function to mark NCB Keycard's 31st year of service.
Gail Whylie (left), portfolio manager at the National Commercial Bank's (NCB) card-services division, chats with NCB Keycard customer Urith O'Connor. - Photos by Christopher Thomas

Christopher Thomas, Gleaner Writer


National Commercial Bank (NCB) representatives and customers came together at Marguerite's Restaurant in Montego Bay on Tuesday evening to celebrate the 31st birthday of the bank's Keycard credit card.

Born on April 24, 1981, Keycard is heralded as the only local proprietary credit card in Jamaica and the wider English-speaking Caribbean.

"It's an iconic brand. It means a lot to thousands of Jamaicans who have been using it to make their purchases, to get trips to go overseas, using it for their business needs, and it's very much a part of Jamaican life," said Sheree Martin, NCB's general manager of marketing.

Significant year

"We are also proud of the fact that it is 100 per cent home-grown, and in Jamaica's 50th year of Independence and NCB's 175th anniversary, we thought it quite fitting not to let the birthday pass without some amount of special recognition," she added.

The bank currently carries three types of Keycard credit cards - the classic Keycard, for making various everyday payments; Lovebird Keycard, which earns points for free or discounted travel to Caribbean Airlines destinations worldwide; and Gold Keycard, which gives the user instant recognition as a preferred NCB client and offers discounts at select locations.

Martin said when a person applies for a Keycard, the applicant's income will determine whether they qualify to receive a card and which type will best suit their needs.

"The salary is what we typically use, the person's ability to pay. So you fill out an application form that you can get online or in an NCB branch, and we do what is called a scoring - we score you and determine your expenses, your income, and you can get a card. It's quite easy to qualify," she stated.

She added that Keycard credit cards are accepted at any point of sale machine owned by NCB, making the card even more user-friendly.

"We also have over 70 per cent of the point-of-sale machines in Jamaica, which means our machines can take Keycard whereas other banks' machines cannot. So when we have such a large point-of-sale penetration base in Jamaica, it means you have more places you can swipe," Martin noted.