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Portia - Jamaica's new TIME minister

Published:Saturday | April 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM


With all the pomp surrounding the recent selection of Portia Simpson Miller to TIME Magazine's Most Influential People In The World list, the new Government is probably enmeshed by nonchalance since this superb achievement. Maybe the 100 days list of achievements should have waited a little longer for publication so this could be included.

While private schools are repine and JEEP succeeds in 15 of 63 constituencies, there is no unequivocal belief that our new TIME minister will do anything to alleviate the atrocities the Jamaican people face.

There is word on the street that little planning was done before the new Government assumed power. If there is truth to that claim, shame on you, Madam PM!

I offer my repugnance and utter disdain for the Government's poor performance. Until this Government becomes renascent, I will not stop neologising. But until then, Portia Simpson Miller is the new 'TIME minister' of Jamaica.


President, NCU G2K chapter