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Poetry 1

Published:Sunday | April 29, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Proud to be Jamaican

They have taken my identity

They say we don't know who we are

Telling us lies to our faces

And laugh at us from afar

Have we fallen so far as a nation?

Have we become so lost as a people?

They have desecrated our highest symbol

While our leaders sit in silence

Politics or principle?

You tell me what do you see

After 50 years of Independence

Is this the people we aspire to be?

Jamaica land of promise

But do our leaders really care?

Are we sailing hopeless oceans?

And if so, who led us here?

We are so much better than whom we were

We can be so much greater than what we have become

Without vision we truly perish

Let's open our eyes and rise from the slum

Feel the heart and soul of a nation

Let's show the world we are alive

For no matter our colour or choices

Together we are Jamaica

- Joseph J. Powell


I am lost

Alone and confused

I don't know where I am

Or who I am

I trod this lonely road

Hoping to be rescued

To be shown the right path

For I see too many routes

Uncertain of which

To choose

I wish someone would just

Tell me

What to do


Where to go

But I guess

The only one who can

Is sitting before me

In that mirror

No one else can live my


No one else can be me

- Theresa Peters

London Olympics

London is made of bricks

But the Olympics is made

Of stars from near and far

Some predict the London

Olympics are going is to be a

Classic and historic

Experience for the British

People and the rest of the world

- Damion McCatty

Waiting for love

I just want to let you know that I'm consumed

Hoping that you'll be in my life very soon

It's just amazing how I could ever love so much

But even more mysterious is how I need your touch

You, the extraordinary one of whom I constantly think

The girl whose heart I want mine to link

Your enticing body that just makes me insane

Oh, my darling, don't make me wait in vain

From your ravishing eyes to your gracious legs

Inciting a passion that makes me beg

Hug me a second and my body will cease

Kiss me a minute and my craving will ease

Love me an hour and surely I'll be yours

I'm infected with a passion that only you can cure

Stay with me forever and my life will be valid

Give me your heart and your love will make me live

- Orette C. Burke

That one

I give you my love

I give you my heart

I'll always be yours

In light and in dark

We have a love

To none compare

No one can break us

Even when they dare

I ask God every day

Who is the one?

And the answer I get is


That one

- Roxann Williams

Please remember

We met, you said you loved me

I believed it, I saw it in your eyes

Your voice had such a smooth texture but now it's filled with lies

Then you said you adored me and for me you wrote a song

but now you sing hatred

your fingers play along

You used to send me pictures of your body with full details

but now you reflect dark images of night and dawn

No days

You used to say you love me and hold me in your arms

your breath, your lips, your muscular hips, a body engulfed in warmth

So please remember those times

And the things you used to do

Please bring back those moments

Those nights were never through

- Quickore Bennett


Pain is a part of life

please accept that fact

pain will always be around like an annoying fly

buzzing at your ears

except pain buzzes and annoys your heart

pain is a part of life

please accept that fact

pain is here and there to make you stronger

so why let it break and shake you?

Is it not a part of our natural lives?

Pain is part of life

please accept that fact

it will creep up on youwhen you least expect it

it does not care if you are blessed or stressed, rich or poor

beautiful or not

it attacks as it may and as it will

so please accept that

- Randeen Patterson

My pain

A broken soul and mind

Hidden by a smile and fake happiness

Earphones pumping a favourite song

Soothing the hidden pain

The pain caused by irreconcilable differences

A family no more

A home no more

Just a building with memories

A happy child hiding under a table waiting to be found

A happy mother preparing the Sunday dinner

And a happy father humming a song

All gone

Replaced by bitterness, sadness, betrayal and heartache

My heartache, my pain

The tears are a welcomed warmth

A release of frustrations and hurt sealed inside

Memories of being used and tossed aside

Depressed and suicidal

No one cares of my pain

Lonely, though surrounded by friends

Sad, though laughing

Just empty

An empty soul waiting to be filled by your love

Any love, just love

That's all I need to soothe my pain

- Chandia Walters