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In memory of my grandmother

Published:Sunday | April 29, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Pianist names competition's top prize after late matriarch

She wasn't a great musician, she didn't have any claims to fame, save for living a life that brought the respect and admiration of her grandson.

Ida Lindo's grandson is none other than Jamaica's foremost concert pianist Orrett Rhoden.

Rhoden is remembering her today on the anniversary of her death but more than that, he is making sure her memory lives forever.

After dedicating his recent double souvenir discs to her memory because he sees her as one of his greatest inspirations and most important critics, Rhoden went a step further to name next year's Orrett Rhoden International Piano Competition's first prize after his late grandmother.

The winner of the competition will now receive the Ida Lindo Memorial Prize.

Born August 12, 1916 in St James, Lindo spent much of her life in Blythston, St James,doing business, selling from a pin to an anchor.

She moved to Kingston in the early 1980s and became an ardent member of the Boulevard Baptist Church. She had one child, Norma and four grandchildren. Rhoden was the first.

A descendant of the famous Alexandre Lindo, she is also directly related to the famed artiste Isaac Mendes Belisario.