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LETTER OF THE DAY - St Thomas undertakers cry foul at Government

Published:Sunday | April 29, 2012 | 12:00 AM


We the undertakers of St Thomas are writing to complain about the distribution of the government contract for the removal and storage of bodies.

It is with deep regret that within the parish there are three reputable funeral homes which are compliant under the regulations of the National Contracts Commission and yet have been overlooked.

How surprising to see that, for the second time, the government contract has been awarded to undertakers outside the parish when all three of these funeral homes have the facilities to accommodate such an activity.

When bodies have to be taken outside the parish, this is an inconvenience not only for the policemen who have to be on the scene for extended hours just to wait on the arrival of undertakers who are travelling from other parishes, but also for the mourning family members to identify and retrieve these bodies.

What does one expect people to do when they are already finding it difficult to have their loved ones buried and to now be forced to face an additional cost of travelling to identify bodies, then again for post-mortem, and also to pay to retrieve these bodies?

Keep it in the parish

If the contract is to be rotated, we would want it to be rotated within the parish among the undertakers.

It is very clear that the commissioner of police, along with the minister of national security, is helping to rape St Thomas of development. St Thomas has the worst roads in the island, few avenues to employment, and now the government contract is gone, with no sign of anything coming to replace it.

Our member of parliament and minister of health, Dr Fenton Ferguson, seems to be sleeping. Where are you, Mr Minister? We, the people of St Thomas, are crying foul!