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FLAIR mailbag

Published:Monday | April 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Dr Francene Gayle

As usual, Flair readers had much to say about our package last week. Here are some comments. Send comments to

Proposing in public

This is so lovely and charming ... I wish you all the best that life has to offer.


- Jacqueline

Such a beautiful and loving looking couple. I am happy and overjoyed for them.

- Kerry

There is nothing wrong with proposing in public, or private; it should not matter to us where a man decides to propose to his woman. We should be more concern with men who give women multiple babies and false promises without being married to them and then turn around and ask the public for help. Being involved and proposing in public is a very good thing and it sets examples to other young people to do the same and take responsibility for their lives. Men have been getting down on one knee in public from way back when - it's not new, neither is it a trick. These young men are just sharing the joy and love with friends and the place they and their partners met and fell in love. We should be happy for them and cheer them on, not knock them down and tell them it's wrong.

- Robert

Dr Francene Gayle - Fixing the nervous system

Congrats, Dr Francene Gayle! Jamaica is blessed to have your knowledge and your talent. Shellinda and the rest of your folks must be very proud.

- Chris M

Beauty and brains. This is what's right with Jamaica. Let us continue empowering our young people.

- Tan

Does my husband take my child/children after marriage?

That's really interesting.

- Brazilian Woman