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10 things men should know about business formal

Published:Monday | April 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM

1. The point of your tie should never fall below your belt buckle.

2. If your dress shirt bags around your waist, it doesn't look like a dress shirt. It looks like a blouse.

3. The shoulder strap of your seat belt goes under your tie.

4. French cuffs are always appreciated by women - as long as your cufflinks don't out-sparkle her jewellery.

5. Don't ever skimp on quality shoes. A great suit with lame shoes is wasted money on the suit. If you must prioritise, get a good suit and great shoes.

6. Unless you're 210 per cent confident on how to pull it off, don't wear sneakers with a suit. There's nothing impressive about looking goofy.

7. It's better to be overdressed than under dressed. The most polished man in the room commands attention and leaves the rest of the men wishing they had dressed better. Be a leader not a follower (or a regretter).

8. Drape your jacket over an empty chair, or bring a hanger to work and hang it up when you aren't wearing it. If you place your jacket on the back of your seat and sit on it, it will look like you placed your jacket on your seat back and sat on it.

9. Button-down collars on simple dress shirts are not your friend. If you still wear them, it's time to update! (Note: In the cases of super-slim/tailored designer shirts, button-down can be a good look.)

10. High-quality clothing is designed to fit better. Clothes that fit well make you look better. In the case of clothing, always focus on quality over quantity.