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Men of 'scents'

Published:Monday | April 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Garfene Grandison, Flair Writer

Some men nowadays step out wearing some sort of fragrance, using everything from scented soap and deodorant to aftershave and cologne. Other men prefer not to use anything because of allergies. The answer is moderation. Pick one scent (since several scents combined will result in a weird, overbearing smell) and go with it. One thing's for sure - a sexy cologne goes a long, long way in terms of appeal. Oftentimes the first thing a woman recognises on a man, apart from his attire, is the cologne he is wearing, and many will often swoon after having some form of interaction with the said man. There are a number of scents which would turn you off in a nanosecond, so it's only logical that some could turn you on just as quickly.

Thanks to changing times there are a number of products available that cater to 'men of scents'. Apart from colognes which are sometimes a bit pricey there are a number of other inventions (apart from bar soaps), such as shower gels, aftershave, body sprays etc., which are a little less strain on the pockets.

Lasting cologne scents

Lacoste's Essential

This light, clean and very fresh scent is refreshingly sexy. It is really an anytime, anywhere cologne.

Calvin Klein's Obsession

This is very masculine, and very handy on the right man. It is more for the quiet, confident type who knows what he has to offer, but doesn't need to advertise.

Calvin Klein's Eternity

A fresh, crisp, sexy scent that can be worn anytime, anywhere. However, be sure to try before you purchase the scent because it doesn't always match a man's personal scent.

Ralph Lauren's Polo

This is a classic that has a smaller following nowadays but whilst there are a number of other colognes from RL, this is by far the most sensual available for men. Remember, classic is an unending style.

Cartier's Declaration

One of a number of great colognes this is elegant and sophisticated, yet still very masculine. The bottle is understated and classic.

Other more pricey colognes: BVLGARI and Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense.

Best body sprays

Body spray has become increasingly popular with men. In today's society, people take first impressions and make their judgments based on this.

Axe Deodorant Body Spray

The Axe body spray line is the favourite that is used by more men each day. Each individual can has a unique scent that is bound to make a lasting impression. This men's body spray lasts for hours as a deodorant and will leave you smelling good for a long time.

Old Spice Red Zone Body Spray Showtime

This body spray from Old Spice delivers a great scent with full body protection. This particular body spray is easy to use and leaves a clean masculine scent on the user for hours.

Old Spice Body Spray Pure Sport

This scent is a very sexy, clean, masculine (sporty) scent that is sure to impress. The spray is not sticky and lasts for hours.

Axe Bullet Spray, Clix

This body spray is great for men. Axe took their popular Clix scent and made it into a mini body spray container so it can be carried around anywhere. A good sporty, clean scent.

Best body wash

Are you looking for the right men's body wash but don't know which one to get? Body wash has to smell good, be gentle on the skin, and clean well.

Axe Revitalising Shower Gel

A perfect product for the man who needs a great refreshing scent, and a good clean feel.

Suave For Men Refreshing Body Wash

A quality product at an inexpensive price, this body wash leaves you feeling clean and leaves a fresh scent. There is never any residue, and the gel lathers quickly.

Irish Spring Blast Body Wash

Just like the infamous bar soap, Irish Spring offers a great body wash that lasts for over eight hours throughout the day. This men's body wash offers a crisp clean scent that is sure to get you noticed.

Old Spice High Endurance Body Wash Pure Sport

Old Spice High Endurance sport leaves a refreshing clean classic scent that lasts throughout the entire day. Designed for the active man, it deep cleans and sticks no matter what activity.

NIVEA for Men Body Wash

Fusing mint extract and a soap-free gel for a refreshing clean feeling, NIVEA makes this body wash so that it will not dry out the skin, but will leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean.