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Students face fee obstacle with UWI exam system

Published:Monday | April 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM

WHEN THE doors of the examination centres on the campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, are open to welcome students sitting exams today, there is the likelihood that many students may be left out in the cold.

Last week, the UWI issued an advisory that as part of the new measures being implemented, students sitting exams will be required to take to each exam a copy of their examination card issued by email by the university registrar.

Where the cards indicate that students have not registered for the courses or if they are in arrears of $30,000 or more, they will be barred from sitting the exams.

This is in contrast to former years where students would be allowed to sit their exams, but would not receive their final grade until they had cleared their tuition balances.

"Even if they have security at the door, we are going to push our way in. We are not going to allow that to stop us," one disgruntled student told The Gleaner yesterday during a visit to the campus.

Hopeless situation

Just months away from completing his degree in operation management, Mark is in arrears of over one-hundred thousand dollars. Questioned about his plans for this morning he said, "Hope and dreams a me only plan."

Mark said he accessed students loan to pay his tuition fees. He said the money owed to the institution is for dorm fees, which his loan does not cover.

Anthony, a final-year marketing student, said the move by the university came as a shock to him.

A Student's Loan Bureau customer, Anthony said his arrears amount to over $100,000.

"I am doing five courses this semester and right now I am looking at five Fs," he lamented.