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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | May 1, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Bedroom bully

1. Women in South Florida are rallying around the babymother who secured a restraining order against the man she called a bedroom bully. From all accounts even the long-suffering wife has applauded the move, confessing to friends that she wished she had the courage to make a move.

Erasing the greens

2. Despite what the leaders may say in public, the underlings are bent on erasing the greens from every phase of national life. For example, this professional who is seeking to start a business was told bluntly that he has no chance of getting approval because green man time dun. The individual protested that he was neither green nor orange and was told that was not good enough!

Axe time

3. Even before the man was fired his job was being promised to a friend of the power broker. So it was merely a matter of time before the axe fell.

Key posts

4. A Government could save itself possible embarrassment by subjecting persons being considered for key posts to examination by a competent body of assessors. The idea has been mooted for many years but it remains only talk. Now that the contractor general has more time on his hands perhaps he could assist with such a process.