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Motorists must stick to the left

Published:Tuesday | May 1, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Many Jamaican drivers are, at best, impatient and, at worst, downright reckless. Our annual number of road fatalities accurately demonstrates this.

To my mind, as a society, we should do everything we can to reduce the stress and tension on the roads and to eliminate situations that would cause impatient and reckless drivers to act even more impulsively than they normally do.

One of the simplest to tackle is how Jamaicans drive on multi-lane highways.

I am recommending that the National Road Safety Council and the police begin a sustained education campaign, maybe for a year, to inculcate in the driving population the habit which is captured very simply in the phrase: 'keep left, pass right'.

I cannot count the number of times I have seen cars travelling below the speed limit in the passing lane/s of the Mandela Highway and the Portmore leg of Highway 2000, with cars lined up behind them honking their horns and darting in and out of traffic trying to get by them and creating dangerous conditions and causing accidents and near accidents.

I have seen cars go on to the soft shoulder to be able to get by these slow-moving cars.

Jamaicans are bright, and if something is repeated often enough, almost all of us will get it over time. So put up the signs at frequent intervals on these roadways, use mass media and, for a limited time, have some traffic police on the roads enforcing the practice.