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Dr Thompson-Gordon a star principal

Published:Tuesday | May 1, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Dr Clover Thompson-Gordon


I read the Jamaica Gleaner every day on the Internet and I read a tribute paid to Dr Clover Thompson-Gordon, my past principal.

I left Bull Bay every day when I was almost 11 years old for Denham Town Primary School. My recollection of this gorgeous lady brings smiles to my face and joy to my heart. She was a great disciplinarian and a courteous lady.

She was loving, but very tough, and no one could fool around with her. Teachers spent hours each week with her in the music room making charts and other things.

We felt safe with Dr Thompson-Gordon. She stood up to anyone and everyone to protect our school. No one could go on the blocks to interfere with students. I even remember when one of our friends from school was hit by a truck, and Dr Thompson-Gordon took her in her arms to her car, with blood all over her, and rushed the child to hospital. What a principal she was!

I am now living in the United States and served in the army, but every day I remember gems she taught us, including 'You may socialise, but never compromise', which has been a guiding principle in my life.

I want to wish Dr Thompson-Gordon long life and a happy retirement. I hail her for her professionalism and courage.


Coral Springs, Florida