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Secularism fuels immorality

Published:Tuesday | May 1, 2012 | 12:00 AM


We have, in recent times, discussed the many ills in our society, not the least of which is child abuse.

But can a people who believe that they were made by mindless, purposeless forces, for no purpose at all, love their children enough not to abuse them or to prevent them from being abused?

We live in an era when this view is accepted. Certainly, our leaders act and make policies based on atheistic assumptions.

We are not satisfied with our present condition. We know something needs to change, but change will only come when people accept that love is due to the Creator and to man that He has made in His image.

Secularism, the exclusion of God and, specifically, the Christian world view from decision making at all levels of society, has no real basis for teaching love of fellow man. What we are now seeing in our society is the result of adopting secularist ideology in our decision making.

"Whoever denies his duty to God will soon find that he cannot make sense of his duty to his neighbour. Even prudence soon will not help, for what is prudence in the face of desire and pleasure." - J. Budziszewski


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