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Published:Wednesday | May 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM

What do you think about the barring of UWI students from exams because their fees are in arrears?

Disgraceful! Let them take their exams but withhold the degree until they pay. That's what happened to me in England.

- bastonimacaroni

It's ridiculous for a learning institution to do that. Terrible answer to a larger problem.

- marvinyves

It's a tacky move, the students should be allowed to sit the exam but the results to be withheld until payment is made.

- QCExpress

That's absurd. Times are hard. They should freeze their records but not bar them from exams! Come on, whose idea is this?

- Iamellenell

A better idea would be to allow students to sit exams and withhold grades until payment.

- iNino

Simple solution. Allow them to sit exams but bar registration and accessing reports until arrears are cleared up.

- sicarii13

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Do you think the Government should help fund private schools?

No. With all the school fees they collect, why should they?

- Roxanne Anderson

Yes! If funding private schools will subsidise the amount of money Jamaicans pay for tuition, then they should! After all, the students at private schools are Jamaicans, and in the end they will contribute to the development of the country.

- Jev Theouanthropou Minplex

Definitely not. The public school system needs more funding. Funding private schools is going to be a strain on the Government.

- ShaNa Williams

Government/the public cannot even fund public schools, so how are they/we going to fund private schools, by taking money away from the already underfunded public schools?

- Inmyown Words

Oh, no! Privately owned should be privately funded. Most persons open a school just for status symbolism. A lot of nepotism is done there, plus some have unqualified teachers on board because of friendship.

- Jhoy Watson

No. The public schools are already underfunded. Why should the Government take on this additional burden? It is the choice of parents to send their child to private schools. What the Government must seek to do is build more public schools.

- Delano Reid

A private school, by nature, should operate like any private enterprise. Education is then a business, so if your entity is to remain viable, it needs to provide a lucrative option to public education.

Government funds - limited as they are - need to be channelled into public education. So like any business, if you can't cut it, you close it.

- Carolene Lake

They can enter into a win-win deal. If they assist with funding, the private school offers scholarships based on merit to underprivileged students.

- Sharon Wannaberich Reid

I do not think the Government should fund private schools. The needs for public institutions are too great for Government to do that. However, I am for granting private institutions short-term loans.

- Shawn Humphrey

Well, my son goes to a private school, and the reason I am saying no is because I pay $75,000 per term. Multiply that by the 21 students in his class, worse over the whole school. What private schools need is better money management.

- Nicole Natalee Edwards

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