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Crowd still wants Bob Marley on stage

Published:Wednesday | May 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Jamaica came into sharper focus when the late Bob Marley was voted sixth among a list of deceased performers most likely to be enjoyed in a hologram.

The survey was done by Los Angeles-based E-Poll Market Research, on a request from Reuters. E-Poll Market Research is famous for carrying out surveys on consumers about celebrities for Hollywood's major studios and TV networks.

It was asked to pull together a list of dead celebrities who remain popular and who would be big draws at a concert like that where the hologram of late rapper Tupac Shakur appeared on stage with Snoop Dogg at the recent Coachella music festival. Tupac's hologram stunned audiences by bringing the performer back to life technologically.

Bob Marley ranked just below Frank Sinatra, fifth, and just above 'Soul Brother', James Brown, seventh. Michael Jackson, the late King of Pop, was ranked 11th, and Ray Charles was ranked number one, with Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, second and third, respectively.

In Jamaica's 50th year of Independence, this is a commendable recognition following on the heels of Marley's One Love having been voted as the best song of Jamaica over the last 50 years. One Love was also voted by the BBC as 'Song of the Millennium'.

The example set by performers like Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff should be emulated by local artistes. The essence of their performance is clarity and adaptability. The moment another international artiste can sing your song comfortably you are on the road to success. Numerous artistes have been able to sing songs like One Love, I Shot the Sheriff and No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley, and The Harder They Come and Many Rivers to Cross by Jimmy Cliff.