Tue | Jun 22, 2021

We've wasted Independence

Published:Wednesday | May 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I refer to Mike Henry's demands for Britain to compensate Jamaica for slavery. But he is forgetting that the British left us an island in the sun with functional train and bus systems.

We gave it all away to say we are independent, and now we are crying. We say we are independent, but if we don't borrow, we can't survive. Unless, perhaps, my definition of 'independence' is wrong.

We need to get real, stop the whining, and get on with the job of being a proud nation.

The British left us a great country, but we have messed it up.

The problem with Jamaica is that we have 'too much old foot' in Government. They need to give the young people a chance, for what is hidden from the wise and prudent is revealed to the babes and sucklings, as the Good Book says.

Step aside, old fogeys, and give the young people a chance!


Black River, St Elizabeth