Sat | Jan 28, 2023

End unjustified recalls of our ambassadors

Published:Wednesday | May 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The time has come to end the small-mindedness and political partisanship in Jamaica. I am referring in particular to the area of recall of ambassadors.

We are well aware that these are political appointments, often given to those who support or are sympathisers of a particular party. However, in cases where these ambassadors are carrying out their duties in a professional manner, I support Chris Tufton's call that they be allowed to remain, at the very least, until the end of their tour of duty.

I remember the clamour made for Burchell Whiteman's recall years ago. There were those who felt, at the time, that he was performing effectively, and others who were vociferous in their demand for his recall.

I did not follow that story to see how it ended, but was pleased to read in Mr Tufton's statement that Mr Whiteman was retained until his tour of duty ended.

I now believe, particularly in Audrey Marks' case, that she was truly an able ambassador for Jamaica and should not, therefore, have been relieved of her ambassadorship.

Once again, I am calling on our governments to take the moral high road: Please lower the PNP/JLP flag and let the Jamaican green, gold and black soar instead.

I'm longing for a 50-year-old country whose maturity will shine forth in our actions.