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Rockhouse hotel sizzles - Market-to-table produce impresses locals

Published:Thursday | May 3, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Linstead Market ackee and codfish risotto served with breadfruit weaved basket crisp. - photos by Sheena Gayle
Farmers' Market salad with medley lettuce from bancra basket, drizzled with a warm tomato vinaigrette.
Old Mas Charlie farm-raised roast chicken.
Lionfish Negril style - pan-fried lionfish with mango escoveitch
Triple treat (from left): Delicious cassava pudding with ice cream, sweet potato cake tropicale and tally mi banana crepe brulee dessert.

 Sheena Gayle, Gleaner Writer

Western Bureau:

As one of the leading resorts in environmentally sustainable tourism, Rockhouse made sure it led the charge to celebrate the success of the Negril Farmers' Market with its Market To Table dinner last Wednesday.

The picturesque boutique resort, nestled on the cliffs of Negril's coastline, treated guests to a delectable three-course dinner made of freshly grown Jamaican produce purchased at the Negril Farmers' Market.

Award-winning chef, Kevin Broderick, wowed foodies present with his Linstead Market ackee and codfish risotto served with breadfruit weaved basket crisp. This appetiser went down well. It was clear that Broderick was on a mission to showcase how well Jamaican dishes can compare to other international cuisines in taste and presentation.

Many of the guests were having for the first time a risotto made of ackee and codfish filled with potent flavours from the Jamaican Scotch bonnet pepper.

Jamaica's yellow yam was given an unusual culinary twist - prepared in the form of a soup with sweet corn chowder, as opposed to being served in slices.

The farmers' market salad made from a medley of lettuce in a branca basket drizzled with warm tomato vinaigrette cleansed the palate well in preparation for the main course that did not disappoint.

Enhancing the local flavour and veneer of the event, each meal was culturally themed. There was the old Mas Charlie farm-raised roast chicken - an organic deboned chicken with stuffed vegetables. Guests were able to appreciate the taste naturally grown poultry without the use of hormones.

It was no surprise that the lionfish dish was among the favourites at the dinner. Its smooth texture and naturally flavoured taste was a must-have, especially since it was escoveitched with mango.

Dessert was a triple treat of sweet delights on one platter - tally mi banana créme brulee, sweet potato cake tropicale and cassava pudding with ice cream offered a brilliant close to an evening that celebrated Jamaican produce.