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Good job, Gleaner

Published:Thursday | May 3, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I MUST congratulate The Gleaner on featuring no nicer professional than Mr Gladstone Whitlock. I have been a customer of Scotiabank (Spanish Town branch) since the early 1970s. While I must admit that I have had some very beneficial professional relationship with several of its employees, I must admit that Mr Whitlock is among those who stood out in my mind. You could not find a more considerate credit professional. One could not help but ensure they meet their payment obligation so as not to jeopardise the trust and judgement of such a wonderful individual.

I can recall when one of my children was refused a student loan to attend the University of the West Indies. I received the decline advice the day before the cut-off, and I was confused. I was so sure she would have received the loan. I armed myself with the bank voucher and my latest salary advice and approached Mr Whitlock. He looked at my loan management record, prepared the documents, sought the necessary authorisation and have the cheque prepared. All this was done the same day in time for me to get to the university's bank.

To The Gleaner: continue to highlight individuals like these who quietly do well in their careers while maintaining the common touch.

Phylis Sutherland