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Elderly need special care

Published:Thursday | May 3, 2012 | 12:00 AM


THE ABUSE of the elderly is not easily detected. Even when there are obvious signs of neglect, one has to be very careful about how the matter is addressed, because employees do not react kindly to complaints of that nature.

The patient can slip, fall, or intravenous drip can go wrong. Many of the victims' memories can no longer be relied on to relate what happened to them. Some patients suffer from various forms of dementia - making their care more difficult.

Caring for a person with 'special needs' can be an onerous burden. Frequently, it is also a thankless job. Older patients can be cranky and also ungrateful. They can be accusatory and even mean-spirited. Suffering from pain, loneliness, and isolation can cause even the nicest person to react in unpredictable ways.

The ageing mind also causes patients to react to situations differently than when they were young and healthy.

Glen George Wilson

Springfield PO

St Elizabeth