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Published:Friday | May 4, 2012 | 12:00 AM

What do you think about the Government's decision to amend the telecoms act?

Long overdue. Digicel is raking in millions, especially with its so-called one-rate plan. It's about time we level the playing field.

- Suet DaPoet

It's a good move, and it is now time for the Government to deal with JPS.

- Jadane R. Murray

Good! I hope this Government doesn't sign any more deals that will cost us daily.

- Rosemarie Campbell

The country will be better. More manufacturers, more jobs, more sales, to the appliances traders, etc. Every home should have a computer, phone, light and running water at a reasonable price.

- Icyleta Lynch

Excellent job. Government, indeed, you are sticking to your campaign slogan, 'Tun up di ting', in a positive way.

- Jason Shaw

I think it's a good idea to take the lead and to control those call rates.

- Prince Wayne

Online feedback for the lead story in The Gleaner of Thursday, May 3, 2012, 'Victory for poor'.

The PNP Government is no puppet to the Private Sector Working Group. I would like to see all members of the PSOJ pick a poor family and exchange life just for one month, then they will know what poor is. I would love to hear their report after that.

- Angella

I have to say hurrah to Mr Phillips! It looks as if all is not lost, and the poor people in Jamaica really have someone in Parliament who really cares, and it is not just lip service. The members of the PSOJ do not care about the poor people of Jamaica who would be affected if those items are taxed, because they don't shop in Jamaica.

- mwhip

Our stated victories for the poor have over the years resulted in little more than swelling our ranks, helping us to remain poor or fall deeper into poverty. When will the poor have a victory where we can benefit from the 'spoils of war'? How do you trample plans but present none of your own, when it is clear that what has been/is being done has not and will not work? Sometimes you wonder if the people we choose to represent us can see past their noses or even left and right. Life beyond that must be one big blur to them.

- NowOnTheOutside