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What is Mr Davies up to?

Published:Friday | May 4, 2012 | 12:00 AM


There is a proper way to follow procedures and a way of circumventing them. The major infrastructure projects that Works Minister Omar Davies intends to continue with an Independent Oversight Panel separate and apart from the Office of the Contractor General does raise questions.

1. Is this a precedent being set for others to follow?

2. What guarantee does the nation have that with future such projects, serious errors will not be made? One only has to review history:

(a) The 'run wid it' action which implied that funds were imprudently allocated to facilitate an election victory.

(b) The FINSAC debacle, when Jamaicans' assets were sold to a foreigner at approximately 30 cents to the dollar or less, and the same offer was not made to the local debtors. This act resulted in an entire indigenous business sector suffering immense losses which the nation is still facing today.

(c) The sale of the Air Jamaica Heathrow gates and facilities for 'monkey money'.

(d) The abrupt closing of Century National Bank, when there were other, much better alternatives which could have saved that bank and other indigenous banks from closure.

One can't but help but wonder whether the result would have been different if both Minister Davies and Greg Christie had held a meeting and discussed the matter.


Spanish Town PO