Fri | Jun 25, 2021

Two wrongs do not make a right

Published:Friday | May 4, 2012 | 12:00 AM


So the University of the West Indies (UWI) could have been more accommodating. The principals could have allowed delinquent students to sit their exams and withhold the results until payments were forthcoming. That is what I would have done.

Having said that, what kinds of lessons were being taught at the UWI? That it is OK to use might and beat right? If something cannot be had by free will, it should be taken by force? I think not!

So, did those students knowingly apply to the UWI, or were they dragged kicking and screaming? It has to be the latter, because the former would imply that they were made aware of their financial obligations - if not before they were admitted, then after. And what about one's word being one's bond? Has that been thrown out like so many other important things in life?

Tell me! Are they really the leaders of tomorrow? Is this the legacy they have inherited from some of their predecessors? What am I talking about? Ask the Students' Loan Bureau!

The time has come for corporate Jamaica to take note of those dishonest leaders of tomorrow, as this type of behaviour follows them into commerce, engineering, law, medicine, and so on, thus contributing to the crippled growth of our country.

Like the many topical issues affecting our society, let us discuss this with a view to effect positive change.