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Biz partnerships for UWI students

Published:Friday | May 4, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The recent protest by University of the West Indies students brings into sharp focus the role, importance and financing of education.

I propose that the Guild of Students and Jamaica Union of Tertiary Students approach corporate Jamaica and the public sector and offer services for finance. This can also be done on an individual basis.

Students should approach these entities and offer their services throughout the summer and with any other available time they may have throughout the year. In exchange for these services, ask these entities to finance their education, if not entirely, partly.

Student leaders should also explore setting up a revolving loan system for students in dire need, where the requirements would not be as stringent as with the Students' Loan Bureau.

Enough of the discriminatory remarks about students who cannot meet their financial obligations on time. I refuse to believe that my fellow students are freeloaders who want to pursue their studies without paying.

Some of these people who discriminate against the students who cannot pay got free education under the Michael Manley regime or paid a minimal cost when our dollar had much more value.


Affected Law Student