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Kellier, NWC a failure to South St James

Published:Saturday | May 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I live in the South St James constituency, which is represented by Member of Parliament Derrick Kellier, who has been in representational politics from the late 1980s.

Since the mid-1990s, getting water in our pipelines has been a task. Numerous calls and visits were made to the National Water Commission (NWC), but to no avail. Mr Kellier has been notified several times over the years, but there has been no change.

Its also important to note that Mr Kellier is from Springfield, and even in Springfield where he's from originally, there's been no water for way more than a decade now.

I've made enquiries in places like Roehampton, which is also part of the South St James constituency, and there hasn't been water there also for more than a decade. There are places within Springfield that haven't received running water since 1996.

Another community is Kensington, where there are areas such as Spring Gardens which haven't received running water for almost two decades.

Other communities include: Point, Maldon Road, Maroon Town and German Town. Most of these communities haven't received water for approximately 20 years.

Take, for instance, Maroon Town. There's a housing scheme in a place there called 'Pond Piece', where people have had to go to the river for water to bathe, wash and cook for countless years now.

He's been re-elected six consecutive times, but one has to take into consideration that a lot of the people living in these areas are predominantly diehard PNP supporters.

Another thing one has to remember is that most people living in these areas are farmers, and when the Jamaica Labour Party ruled in the '80s, it didn't do such a great job at sustaining or maintaining the agricultural sector.

The NWC and Derrick Kellier have failed the people of upper St James miserably, because two decades without running water is nothing short of immense punishment.

Annoyed resident

South St James