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St Thomas: Forgotten parish with rotten roads

Published:Saturday | May 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I have been living in the wonderful parish of St Thomas for over 12 years. For years, I have been wondering why the authorities can't build even a footbridge in Eleven Miles, Bull Bay. Of the 14 parishes, it seems to be the forgotten one.

St Thomas seems poor in so many ways, yet it is a very rich parish. Some of the best resources come from St Thomas: water going into Kingston, what do we get for it? The best aggregate, gypsum, the sweetest East Indian mangoes, sweetsop, naseberry, just to name a few.

However, I would like to liken St Thomas to that of a 'pretty browning' with little or no stamina. It has been raped, abused, misused, and refused.

Take a look at the roads, on which trucks laden with resources travel. The river course is far better than our roads: dust to kill; hill and gully ride; potholes that can hold enough soup to feed the nation. The one and only road that takes you from Kingston to St Thomas is hardly a choice one for commuters.

Over the years, the authorities have sought to comfort us with promises. It's a case of All Fools' Day all year round. They continue to fool us by bringing 'heavy equipment' to our roads, then drop some gravel, clear a bit of shrubbery, and little by little move them back to another port.

Is St Thomas not on the island of Jamaica? Should it be named one of the 14 parishes?

For nearly 50 years of Independence, neither the JLP nor the PNP gave any thought to the Eleven Miles ford.

I write now to say thanks to God for allowing me to live to be able to travel above the water. Thanks to the Jamaica Labour Party which started the work and thanks to the People's National Party which has almost completed the work (yet to be asphalted).

Will it take another 50 years to fix and maintain our roads, especially St Thomas' main roads?

Shirley L. Favours

Yallahs, St Thomas