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Book Review - 'Love Doc' prescribes remedies for the heart

Published:Sunday | May 6, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Paul H. Williams, Sunday Gleaner Writer

If you think you know it all about love, marriage, romance and sex, well, think again! For, Dr Dennis G. Grant has a one-year book telling you how to get them right.

In Love, Marriage, Romance & Sex - Getting it Right!, the Jamaica-born pastor, known as 'Love Doc', and residing in South Florida, in the United States, has laid it all down on the table, rather, the bed, telling it as if it were the gospel truth. Sex, especially, he tells you, was created by God for you to enjoy. "Romance and sex are very precious gifts from God," he declares.

"All right, calm down and get a hold of yourself. A pastor writing an intimate, straight-talk book on love, relationships, marriage and sex? Outrageous!" is how he starts the preface to the 132-page paperback, published by Breakthrough Publication, in anticipation of negative reactions to his candid approach to the contents therein:

Expectations, Respect, Deal Breakers, Looking Good And Be Good Looking, Money Matters, That Loving Feeling, When Love Hurts, A Fine Romance, Being Sexual is Healing, Undercover Love, and Love Guides.

Obedience and tribute to God

The essence of the easy-to-read book is that love, romance, marriage, and sex can and must be enjoyed to the fullest, with God at the centre of them. "I want you to know that a great love life is actually obedience and tribute to God," he preaches, "What your love life needs is God!" And, thus, he wrote the book for five main reasons.

One: "I want to talk to adults about an adult subject in an adult way." Sex is not taboo. Two: "I want to destroy the notion that the omnipresent God we worship is everywhere, except, of course, the bedroom - God is there too." Three: "To educate both women and men about keeping the God connection in their love connection - to make wild and passionate love with each other, and thank God!" Four: "Competency in money management, I believe, is a life skill everybody should have, especially in these challenging times." And five: "I wrote this book to say to all couples that romance is as much a testament of faith in, and obedience to, God as is your praise and worship of him in church." Amen!

Yet, Dr Grant writes that he is not advocating loose sexual behaviour. "What I am saying is, let's have a mature discussion about the place that love, romance, marriage, and sex have in our lives as Christians. This book is for adult Christians. It is meant to encourage them to rewire their thinking so that they can see how romantic love is, in fact, part of God's plan for a happy, fulfilled and prosperous life," he writes.

Reverend Grant hosts his own radio shows on South Florida. One is called The Love Hour and is the most popular show on WAVS 1170. He may be reached at Part proceeds from the sale of the book goes to Trench Town High School, of which he's a graduate. He has a master's degree in philosophy and a PhD in Christian counselling, and is also a well-known community activist and philanthropist, who has appeared on many major US television networks.