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Published:Sunday | May 6, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Sista P on TIME

So ina di Faculty of Engineering

and Computing office a UTech mi deh

A wait pan di dean fi hear weh she hav fi sey.

Suddenly mi look cross di counta,

guess who mi si? Nuh Sista Portia

Well dec out ina di newspapa

weh dem call di Gleana!

So mi tek up di papa an start to read - flashback

Weh mi si? Nuh di JEEP ina full speed!

Dis a sinting weh mi neva see yet,

nuh Mama P mi see pan di red carpet!

Mi heart di bubble wid joy and pride

fi see mi prime minister on the

TIME 100 Most Influential ride

Jamaica already deh pan tap a tings

Di stage set fi di altheletes dem spread dem wings

Most Honorable Prime Minister

Wi welcome yuh back wid sugar and spice

to Jamaica weh di people dem seh

"a yah so nice"

- Daron Chosen Smith

Lost (Think out loud)

I wish to know what is happening Why do I feel so empty inside?

Why do I cry so often? Why do I anger so easily?

The pain I bear inside me is

unbearable, I can't handle this anymore

Like David I'm on my knees petitioning you, to forgive me.

I'm lost without you, but it seems you stopped listening to me

Do you hear my cries at night?

Do you see my pain during the day?

I have grown weary and feeble,

lost and confused, weak and overwhelmed

I am overwhelmed by the anger

that lives in me, this annoyance that won't leave

Like parasites they feed off my strength

I wish them to go, but they feed anyway

I pray but no answers, the pain only gets stronger

Help! I scream but the lonelier I feel

I need to know what's going on.

Father, you said you would never leave me

So why do I feel like I'm alone in this?

Why do I feel like you resent me?

Why do I feel like our relationship has already ended?

I can't take this pain anymore ...

Give me discipline

Give me patience

Give me love

Give me my relationship with Christ

Without these I'm lost ...

- Racquel Robertson

Transport service

In the streets of London there are

Red buses but Kingston leads the way

With yellows ones but New York follows

With yellow cabs and the lads in the three

Different cities throwing jabs at each other

On a blog site trying to make a point about

Which transport service stands in the

Forefront in world, but everyone agrees transport is

Paramount in every city

- Damion L. McCatty


A morning that was vibrant

decorated with tiny bubbles

of mannerism and pleasantry

I lifted my voice at a minimum

decibel range to offer my

sincere hello to her

But not a sound she uttered

Instead I was greeted with

a grumpy look that slides from

her puffed cheeks

With her sharp eyes she scared

my tie then turned away with

her heavy shoulders decked in

purple blouse coupled with her jeans skirt

She was determined not to say hello

- Daron Chosen Smith

Flash floods

Overcast skies

Torrential rains, a rapid rise in water levels

Flooded roads, blocked drains

A disaster in the making

Lightning and thunder rip through the darken skies

Boulders rolling down the

hillsides, crashing into oncoming traffic

Umbrellas everywhere, struggling in the wind

Children playing in puddles up and down the streets

Rivers in spate

Uprooted trees

Destroyed buildings

Lives disrupted and shattered

Mudslides here and there

Emergency shelters everywhere

Terror and despair!

Tomorrow is a brand new day

- Wayne Campbell

She cried

A tear is a universal language that

many will not understand the meaning behind it

At times its joy or maybe hurt,

false pretense or a secret kept

inside leaving you in total

darkness or having you

misinterpreting just every single

drop as she cried

The scars of life which makes her feel ugly inside, torn emotions as she can't seem to put the pieces together, painful memories of the dreadful past that constantly aches whenever she remembers is just a few that contributes to her internal bleeding of sorrow as she cried

Each day her motto remains the same, "Why me?"

A different day but the same burden is all she can see,

Haunting her with a passion of hate, an obsession and objective of making her give up,

She held on as she cried

Its just a phase she understands and with hope of better days ahead she waits with anxiety because on that day each tear drop will be a part of her victory and joy when she cries

- Sekoni Sullivan

Divorce is the hardest word to say

Marriage is something that should

be cherished but, to me, it's incomplete

without a child, I know you try and

I'm dying inside when I see you cry

you love kids but you are unable to

produce and it's impossible to pick a fruit

from a tree that can't bear fruits

I need a family but I can't have it

with you, so what am I supposed to do?

You say adopt but I disagree with

that because I'm in the prime of my life

Young and fertile, through sickness

and health till death do us part but I make

My vows shirk when I say I want us to part

I always pictured us getting old

together but darling, without a son or daughter

that's fairytale like Harry Potter,

I know you're hurt and I'm truly sorry but

I'm nothing without a little one

calling me daddy, I love you and that part of me

will forever remain true

You've never lost faith in me no

matter what I did, you are always by my side and

I love you even more for that, I

cried day and night for the decision I make and ask

Myself if leaving you is a mistake;

our marriage suddenly crumbles like the aftershock

of an earthquake

You say I don't love you because if

I do, unable to have a child wouldn't be an issue

We been together for six years, a

lot of sweat and tears, loving you and maintaining you

When you're down and no one

cares, those words filled my eyes

with tears that if I had blinked I would drown myself

We need counselling

- Donovan Broderick

Defeated by fear

Slapped and beaten

By lives uncertainties

Worn by winds and currents

I am left without a ship

Life now has no meaning

I can't see why I live

I die inside though breath is breathed

I live though life escapes

I long to grasp and hold it down

And be in full control

But life escapes as it usually does

And I am left alone

I laugh the fakest laughter known

A facade I often use

To hide the pain that lives inside

My body's deep dark tomb

I talk but wish to say not much

Cause words are hard to find

When the tongue is fed is to speak

By a dying solemn mind

I hate the fact that I have to live

In a world I can't control

Where no one knows my fear of life

Nor sees my deepest woes

Defeated, that's what I am

By fear of the unknown

The uncertainties of life have finally

Brought me down

- Binnings