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Raw deal for Dewsbury residents

Published:Sunday | May 6, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Some two and a half years ago, the National Water Commission started to dig up Dewsbury Avenue in Barbican, St Andrew, for the purpose, we were told, of laying pipes for a sewerage system.

Over the period, the road has been partly repaired, ravaged by rain (its destructive effects assisted by the exposed marl), partly repaired again, ravaged again, and today remains a disgrace. Of course, it is ultimately the Jamaican taxpayers who are the poorer for this saga.

To add insult to injury, residents were advised that they would need to pay to connect to the new system and, additionally, regardless of whether they were connected or not, would be charged double their monthly water bill for the 'new sewerage system'.

The residents have complained all round but received no relief.

I do not know if other communities have suffered a similar fate, but we seem to be victims of a combination of bureaucratic inefficiency, neglect and tyranny.

We hope relief will come soon.