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Needed: Virtuous women

Published:Monday | May 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Steve Lyston, Contributor

One of the reasons there are so many problems eating away at the society is that we are arduously seeking to ensure that individuals achieve academic goals and acquire degrees in order to excel in their jobs.

But very little emphasis is placed on teaching them how to live. The family is the training ground for higher and greater authority. It is the foundation for good governance.

The increase in the levels of child abuse in the nation is a reflection of the general instability of family life and laws to address this matter are irrelevant. It is going to take more than laws to deal with this issue.

We need virtuous women to help to bring balance, which will lead to global change in all sectors.

Proverbs 19: 14 reminds us, "Houses and riches are an inheritance from fathers, But a prudent wife is from the LORD." She increases the family value, estate and stock - everything.

A contentious wife brings shame, strife, stress and poverty on her family. She brings the wealth of the family down and depreciates the value of her family. She always looks at things of the past and hinders herself and her family from moving forward. There are women, and there are virtuous women.

Virtuous women do not fight for headship of the family. They submit to their husbands and honour their husbands and use their educational achievements to build up their families. They are not engaged in a battle of the sexes; instead, they understand the functions and purpose of the neck to the body.

A virtuous woman is always confident and gets involved in her husband's work.

A virtuous woman is very respectful and does not embarrass her husband or family in public; nor does she tear down her husband with others.

She gives constructive criticism and always sees the potential enemy that would rise up against her family. She sees the fine print. She is the right fit.

There are too many misfits today and this causes instability within the families and the nation.

A virtuous woman:

Sticks with her family at all times - good or bad - and does not abandon her family, or dump her husband when she climbs the social ladder or becomes more educated.

Always thinks ahead concerning various possibilities that would negatively affect her household and prepares for such things.

Always gets involved in humanitarian efforts - she helps the poor.

Prays for her family, church and nation, and fears the Lord.

Is respected by her children.

Walks in wisdom and is not idle. She is very industrious.

Is an example wherever she goes and represents her husband and her children very well.

Depends on God for her daily provision and supports the vision of her husband.

Goes for the best in goods and services.

Is multifunctional and carries herself with grace - even under pressure.

Does not nag and pressure her husband, but instead seeks to come up with solutions to bring balance to her family.

Does not deny her husband of sex even after an argument.

Does not allow influential environments or people to change her values, she changes the environment instead.

Is a mother, and does not have the helper become the mother for her children because she is too busy to find out what is going on in the lives of her children.

Does not neglect her children, husband or their welfare for mere satisfaction of self. She does not spend hours on the social network, on the phone or out with girlfriends to the detriment of her marriage and children.

Is a good cook - or is at least willing to learn - and does not depend on fast food.

We need a change now and the nation needs the virtuous women to rise up, make the difference and set an example for the next generation.

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.