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Camille Nembhard, Guardian champ 2012

Published:Monday | May 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM

It's a tough task to be the one employee in a large company who best epitomises the core values of integrity, respect and excellence. It is even more difficult when you can only get this accolade based on the judgement of your peers. But it's no problem for Camille Nembhard, the 2012 Values Champion at Guardian Life Limited.

A section of her citation reads: "Camille is a pleasure to work with and to speak with, even on a bad day. She is admired for her ability to listen, her calm disposition and the total respect she shows to every person."

For 10 years, Nembhard has been a valuable asset to Guardian Life's Premium accounts department, in particular, and the company in general. "I was surprised but deeply honoured to have received such a prestigious award. Working at Guardian Life is exceptional because it allows for personal and professional growth and development," says Nembhard.

She has high praises for her employer, lauding them for encouraging team building through sports, physical activities, special projects and promotion of education by offering employees grants for higher education. "The company also gives to the families of staff members by providing grants to assist with high-school expenses for those passing the GSAT exams each year. That's a special touch."

The 2012 Values Champion notes that she enjoys participating in sport- and the community-building activities of the company as a member of the social club and wellness committees.

Nembhard notes that her family, co-workers and friends must take credit as they have always been there to motivate and encourage her and contribute to her development.

Wonderful individual

It is no accident that Nembhard is such a wonderful person, and this personality spills over into her job. As the second of three children, she grew up in an extended family home where she was actively involved in sports. Her love for sports led her to become a member of the netball and volleyball teams throughout high school and then to the Guardian Life netball team for almost 10 years. She is an alumnus of Convent of Mercy (Alpha Academy) and the University of Technology, where she completed a first degree in accounting with a minor in marketing.

Her passion for accounting has led her to aspire to becoming a Chartered Accountant and to strive to be at the very top of the profession. But for now, Nembhard is content to revel in the confidence of her peers at Guardian Life as the Values Champion. "It's a great feeling and I look forward to continue just being myself and working with all the teams at Guardian Life to better serve our internal and external customers."