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'Horny' fans an unwelcome distraction

Published:Monday | May 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM


As I listened Saturday night to the broadcast of the Jamaica International Invitational meet at the National Stadium, I wondered how many considered the CONSTANT background noise of the vuvuvelas as an unwelcome distraction?

Or given our culture of noise, do a majority accept or even welcome it as an expression of our exuberance at sporting, entertainment and even other occasions of mass gathering?

Whatever the opinions, I do invite the authorities at such public events to call for a measure of respect to be shown at certain formal occasions.

Why should our prime minister, Portia Simpson Miller, not be accorded due respect to make her remarks and declare the meet open without having to compete with what can only have the effect of distracting the assembled gathering from paying attention to her?

When will we stop allowing conventions of civil behaviour to be undermined? Or, are we resigned to celebrating the 'a nuh nutten-isation' of our society?



Kingston 6