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Tuesday TALK

Published:Tuesday | May 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Muscle flexing

1. The lady with the sense of entitlement needs to understand that a "turn coat" is considered the ultimate in betrayal so no amount of political muscle flexing will reverse the decision. Her biggest worry, some say, is how to deal with the baggage she left behind.

Modern-day stew

2. The cousins are reportedly in a gourmand paradise as they concoct a modern-day stew. One partner is not fooled though and she has been raising serious questions which many are quick to dismiss as coming from a sick mind. But is it really?

US law in action

3. Some are asking how come a fugitive from Jamaican justice could have been so easily swallowed up into the arms of American law enforcement so as to become a vital informer. After nearly eight years, are the local administrators of justice even interested in seeing his case brought to a conclusion?

Ugly criticisms

4. Her friend's list has grown tremendously in recent months as people start thinking about a berth for the London Olympics. Sadly some of the ugly criticisms will no doubt come back to haunt the naysayers. They can expect a frosty welcome in August.