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LETTER OF THE DAY - SSP Henry: Mentor and heroic crime fighter

Published:Tuesday | May 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I had to interact with Senior Superintendent of Police Dathan Henry as we essentially both served on the Clarendon Crime Prevention Committee chaired by Custos William Shagoury.

Talented, competent, hard-working and patriotic are some of the descriptive terms I noted in this man who galvanised the men and women under his command, bringing our beloved parish from the brink of violent criminal turmoil.

While I can't speak to the exact percentage reduction in grim criminal activities, which before his time had parishioners scurrying for fear, it was precious relief when murders began to trend down to unimaginable levels and people could walk the streets with some level of assurance.

Mr Henry's conduct, vision, passion and seriousness in confronting criminal elements, and his effectiveness in strategically dismantling gangs, should become material for study at our law-enforcement institutions.

It's not just that the parish has lost an ace crime fighter. What I am sure is overwhelmingly clear is that the country has lost a hero who was not afraid of taking on the criminal underworld. Truly, he was a role model and a mentor to those under his command, as well as to so many of us in civil society.

I wish his family every strength and courage in such a difficult time, and I hope that his courage and commitment to a peaceful parish and country will inspire those who continue to serve and protect us.


Member, Clarendon Crime

Prevention Committee