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Kudos to taxman for Digicel raid

Published:Wednesday | May 9, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The recent move by Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) against Digicel must be applauded and fully supported by the Jamaican populace.

I must also commend and join Professor Trevor Munroe in his swift response supporting the effort of the TAJ. Tax evasion has been a major problem in too many countries across the globe, and many multilateral companies seem to capitalise on investing where the authorities do not exercise strict enforcement of tax-collection regulations to all and sundry.

It is no secret that Jamaica ranks among developed countries in respect to their per-capita ratio of cellphone users. Digicel is well known for its involvement in the sponsoring of many sporting activities, which we all appreciate as a nation.

However, such sponsorship should be seen as mutually beneficial to producer and consumer, and not like Santa Claus giving away Christmas gifts. The extent to which Jamaicans utilise the Digicel mobile service should see the tax authorities collecting billions annually for GCT and income tax.

With Jamaicans consuming significantly more than we produce, all the accrued tax is critically necessary to promote development. It is on this premise that I join the call for all companies to pay their taxes.