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Celebrate grandmothers

Published:Thursday | May 10, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to highlight to the world the importance of grandmothers.

Throughout the years, we have been celebrating 'Mother's Day' but we never took the time to recognise the real mothers behind our mothers - I am referring to the grandmothers who are the foundation of the family. Many children were raised by their grandmothers for different reasons: parents migrate, parents have to work, parents abandonment of children, parents being young and unable to manage, or death.

In my case, my mother died when I was an infant and my father abandoned me. My grandmother, with the help of other family members, raised me; and today I can proudly say that I was brought up a decent young man, even better than many with parents.

Cherish them

I would like to implore Jamaica and the world at large to let us cherish our grandmothers because they are the crowning jewels of our family and society. Let us not dump them in nursing homes and turn our backs on them, or neglect their needs and cause them to wander about the streets begging or seeking refuge. I think we should have a 'National Grandmother's Day' and tell our 'grannies' how much we appreciate them and that the family would not be the same without them.

I am not living with my grandmother today, but I would like her and all other grandmothers to know that they are God's blessing on this land. I see every elderly women as my grandmother and love them just the same.

Leon Pryce

Rose Heights

Montego Bay