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Child safety in moving vehicles

Published:Thursday | May 10, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I HAVE been noticing a disturbing trend driving around the island: children, as young as toddlers, in moving vehicles without any form of protective restraint system (car seats and/or seat belts).

There is a seat belt law in effect in Jamaica; however, the extent of its enforcement is now called into question, given the extent of the breach observed.

Truth be told, the continued coarseness and general lack of respect for self and, therefore, for others and authority are being exhibited in many ways by our motorists and pedestrians alike. Too many lives are lost in Jamaica yearly, largely due to indiscipline; and every effort must be made to change that course.

With this being Child Month, perhaps the relevant authorities will seek to embark on an education campaign to remind motorists of the importance of their wearing seat belts, and ensuring that children are appropriately restrained in moving vehicles.

Additionally, the law must be enforced vigorously so as to extend the necessary penalties to motorists who are found in breach. Let us not wait until this illegal conduct claim the life of an innocent child or two before we take the necessary corrective action.