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Privy Council faces last days with Jamaica

Published:Friday | May 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM

JAMAICANS COULD, by the end of this new parliamentary year, bid farewell to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

This is because the Government has pledged to table legislation this legislative year as it moves to establish the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as the island's final court.

There has been exhaustive debate for more than a decade over proposals for the country to embrace the CCJ in its appellate jurisdiction and relinquish ties with the UK-based Privy Council.

Signalling that the country, during its golden jubilee celebrations of Independence, was one step closer to becoming a member of the CCJ, Governor General Sir Patrick Allen announced yesterday that a bill would be tabled in Parliament this year to facilitate Jamaica's membership to the court.

Sir Patrick was delivering the Throne Speech in Gordon House yesterday to mark the ceremonial opening of Parliament for the new legislative year.

At present, only Barbados, Belize and Guyana have replaced the Privy Council with the CCJ.