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Privatise Island Traffic Authority

Published:Friday | May 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Successive governments have given to speech about transforming motor vehicle administration. Despite their 'bag o' mouth' about improving and modernising the cesspool known as Island Traffic Authority, very little has been done to unclog its corrupt drains, thus it continues to spill filth on to the roadway.

Unsafe vehicles, unfit drivers, environmentally substandard vehicles continue to choke the streets, creating a death trap for the oblivious.

Rookie majority senator Imani Duncan-Price, in her attempt to create order in the administration of driver licensing, seems to be on to something. Her relentless effort is a breath of fresh air. Finally, we have somebody who is cognisant of the real issues that affect ordinary people's lives.

Her insight into the corrupt and inefficacious system is commendable and on point. The question is, how do you transform this agency?

The business model that Government has to operate in order to control is obsolete.

Similar to the privatisation of the Sangster International Airport and the Jamaica Public Service Company, I believe the time is right to privatise, but tightly regulate the motor vehicle administration.


Washington, DC